Where to find open nursing jobs in Florida

Florida Sunrise (GunnerVV/Flickr)

Florida Sunrise (GunnerVV/Flickr)

Florida is a great place to live and work as a nurse. The Sunshine State has everything from beautiful beaches and golf courses to popular theme parks like Walt Disney World to dozens of national parks and historic sites.  Its large population of “snowbirds” and its popularity as a place to retire has also created a strong demand for healthcare services and nurses and made the state one of the top destinations for travel nursing assignments.  The state has hundreds of nursing homes, long-term care facilities and hospitals that all need nurses.  The growing use of home healthcare services in Florida has also increased the demand for skilled and experienced nurses.   But finding open nursing jobs and travel nursing assignments in Florida isn’t so easy if you don’t where to look.  You could look in the newspapers for classified job ads advertising nursing positions or even visit hospital web sites to search for openings that match your interests, skills and experience but that is likely to take a long time.  Fortunately, there is a better way and there are many nursing job boards, sites and nursing employment agencies that will help you quickly find the information you need to find a nursing job in Florida.   Here are some of the most useful resources I have found:

  • Nursing Jobs in Florida – This site has plenty of information on the nursing job market in Florida as well as information about average Florida nurse salaries, cost of living and nursing schools in Florida.  It even has a section with the latest news headlines related to the nursing profession in Florida.
  • Florida Center for Nursing – This site is an excellent source for information, research, and strategies addressing the dynamic nurse workforce needs in Florida.
  • US Nursing Agencies – This list of nursing agencies in the United States is a useful resource for finding information about travel nursing agencies and nurse staffing companies that can help you find a nursing job in Florida.
  • Travel Nurse Jobs  – This travel nurse job board is a great place to find a travel nursing assignment in Florida.


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Where to find the latest news about nurses and the nursing profession

It can be difficult to keep up with all the latest news about nursing and the nursing profession.  Services like Google News are useful but searching there often produces irrelevant results (for example, articles about breast feeding) or articles that are only tangentially related to nurses and the nursing profession.   However, I have found a couple excellent resources to track the latest nursing news:

  • My Nurse News – this is a very recently launched nursing news aggregator.  It has excerpts and links to nursing news articles, blog posts and press releases from many sources including national and state nurse associations.
  • Topix Nursing News – News on Nursing continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
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Notable Nurses

I spend a lot of my spare time looking for the best and most interesting sites about nurses and the nursing profession.  One new blog I recently found quite interesting is Notable Nurses  which has profiles, biographies and photographs of remarkable and extraordinary nurses.

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Resources for nurses in Houston, Texas

Are you looking for a nursing job in Houston, Texas or planning to move there?  If so, you’ll want to check out some of these excellent resources I found.

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Nursing Jobs in Washington DC

Nurses at the Washington DC VA Medical Center root for their basketball team, Linda's Legends, during Nursing Week 2009 festivities

Nurses at the Washington DC VA Medical Center root for their basketball team, Linda’s Legends, during Nursing Week 2009.

Our nation’s capital is a great place to live and work as a nurse.  One site I recently found, Nursing Jobs in Washington DC is an excellent resource for nurses seeking employment in or relocation to the District of Columbia.  Nurses moving to the area should also make sure to connect with their colleagues at the District of Columbia Nurses Association.

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New Nursing Directory: Nursing Links


A screenshot of the NursingLinks.net site

I’m always looking for great nursing sites and directories.  Lately, I’ve been quite impressed with a brand new nursing directory named Nursing Links. It has a nice, clean and simple design and it’s clear that its editors have taken great care to only include links to the best and most useful sites for nurses and those seeking more information about the nursing profession.  They still have a lot of work to do so I encourage everyone to visit Nursing Links to both find new and interesting nursing sites and to suggest sites they may have missed.

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Nursing Jobs in California

CaliforniaCalifornia is both a great place to live and a great place to work as a nurse. If you are looking for a nursing job in California or you are a nurse planning on moving to California, you’ll want to check out the recently launched Nursing Jobs in California site.   It’s chock full of excellent information about living and working as nurse in California.   Another great resource is the America Nurses Association California site.

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